One week in

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One week in

Postby Benzoo » April 12th, 2012, 11:35 am

One week into the season and the Reds have just about experienced it all. The only thing they haven't had yet is a late inning break down of the bull pen with a lead. Nor have they had that monstrous offensive output.
But, after just week, I've come to one conclusion. I will not make any attempts to go to any games this season if Chapman is not given the chance to start. He has been lights out in each game he's pitched. Homer Bailey stunk it up all of spring training, except for his last outing. In Bailey's defense he's always one pitch away. And for the most part he almost always makes the wrong pitch.
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Re: One week in

Postby Deadcat » April 13th, 2012, 9:12 am

Since I expect so much from this year's team, it's hard not to be disappointed that we have not had a better start. I am convincing myself that the season is long and you can't get too worked up over 7 games. Pitching is said to be our weakness but our offensive output has been inadequate. I felt the same way last year. The one thing you can count on from Dusty, however, is that he will change the lineup about 160 times over a 162 game season. Eventually we should get things going.

And while I'd love to see Chapman start, that won't keep me away. The guy is great for one to two innings of shutout ball coming out of the pen.
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