2012 Draft Grade

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2012 Draft Grade

Postby Mag » May 26th, 2016, 9:42 am

NFL radio is re-grading the 2012 Draft. This class will either be playing on first round tenders or on new contracts this coming season.

I haven't heard them grade the Bengals, but the best draft so far is Seattle with Irvin, Wagner, Wilson being hits (Wagner and Wilson being franchise players and Irvin getting a big deal with Oakland). Most of the later picks are still contributors in the league, with Howard and Sweazy getting big deals with other teams.

I think our draft is almost as successful. None are franchise players like Wilson and Wagner. Yet, Dre, Zeitler, and Iloka are quality starters with pro bowl potential. Sanu and Jones fit big deals to start elsewhere. Thompson is a contributor.

Still is a disappointment, but I will give him a pass. How many people could give their job their full attention when their child has cancer. Charles is a bust. Prater struggled, but is on Arizona's roster. Herron had flashed with Indy but is still unsigned.

All and all out of ten picks, three are still starting for the team, one is a quality backup on the team. Two are starting elsewhere on big deals. Looks like a very successful draft.

Those guys have Seattle a 98%. I give the Bengals a 95%.
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