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Christian Westerman

Postby MeatHeadbengal » May 5th, 2016, 8:54 am

Ok since I haven't seem a highlight of him yet I'd figure I'd throw this in here for everyone and just add some of my thoughts.

While he shows good athleticism I think from what I've seen so far he hopefully will benefit from Paul Alexander's coaching.

Strengths: I feel he's got the quickness and athleticism to play at this level, and it should be easy for him to adjust to the speed. He's got good vision of the Blitz and is looking to help out when he can.

Weakness: I think he's a bit small, and while he might be strong (Benching 315 20 times) he doesn't show it on the field. He seems to not be able to rock DL's with a solid punch at times and seems he likes to throw his shoulder into blocks instead of using his hands. This is a must for him to improve to have any effect at the NFL level.

Overall I'm sure Paul Alexander is very excited to work with this kid, and could be a very versatile OL for us in the future. This video is game tape from 2014, that's all I could find on him game tape wise, I'm hoping and I'm assuming that he's better now then he was in this video.
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